Friday, February 24, 2012

Puerto Vallarta Trip

A few weeks ago, Rudy and I traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  It was our first trip together without dude & if I'm being honest, it wasn't all that fun.  In fact, we came home a day early just to see our little red-headed dude.  I feel like such a snob saying that we didn't have a blast, but I'm just keeping it real.  We were thankful for the chance to go & very grateful for family who kept dude for 2 nights.  I did, however, learn very valuable lessons on the trip.  I tend to do that in Mexico:)  1. Dude is a bigger part of my life than I even thought & he's my heart 2. Rudy is the most amazing person on the planet 3. I am very happy with my life, family, and friends in my small Mississippi town.

We stayed at Dreams Resorts and the best word to describe the resort & food was mediocre.  I really feel that if we would have had better weather and warmer water, it would have been much more fun. Oh, and of course DUDE!!  Our 2 favorite things about the trip were the 80 minute couple's massage & this sunset..
The sunset almost covered the entire sky & when I showed Con this gorgeous sunset pic, she immediately said, "Why are the trees white at the bottom, did they paint them?"  Oh so typical Con, miss the sunset for the trees!  Love you mom, but you do this all the time:) HAHA
Here are some other pictures.

It has been fun to reminisce about our trip, once we got home safely and dude was in our arms. Puerto Vallarta really is a beautiful place.  It offers mountains, tropical plants, and oceans as far as the eye can see, but we left our heart back home.  One day we may, as a family, give it another try, but we are more than happy to stay put for a while!

I'm gonna go on a little tangent here, so bear with me.  Ever heard these sayings??? "keep your marriage up" "put your marriage first, before children" "you have to spend time away from your child with your spouse".  Blah Blah Blah.  I do agree with these, but only to a certain degree.   Remember, my husband is a thousand miles away for half the month, so I know our time together is vital.  However, in my opinion, his time with Hagan is even more vital.  Hagan needs his dad & soaks up every ounce of him when he's home and vice versa.  Our time together is when Hagan goes to bed.  Don't worry, I'm totally staying G rated here..  Well, maybe more PG-13:)  Anyway, after Hagan goes to bed, we talk, most of the time read Bible verses, pray, catch up on The Office episodes, snuggle, love on each other, and just enjoy each other's company.  He is my best friend, confidante, and lover.  This "season" of our life is a young, married couple with a small child and though it is exhausting most of the time, we love it.  It's our life.  That's just the way it is...  So, we will stick to a few date nights here and there & spend all the time we can with our one true love, who is growing up way to fast..

I think it's safe to say we are not leaving dude for a long time.  Maybe even until he's 25?

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