Monday, February 6, 2012

Dude is 16 Months!!!

You have grown into a busy, toddling, talking little boy!
Today you are 16 months old.  Happy 16 months Dude!!!

Here's what you're up to these days:
  • We find ourselves frequently saying, "Where's Hagan?"

  • It's cause you never sit still and are always exploring.
  • You are in the process of cutting all 4 molars and it's been pretty rough on your little gums.
  • It's also rough on my little heart to see you in pain.
  • This fall/winter season has plagued you with 5 different sicknesses!  As a result, you've become a pro at taking your own temperature.  Bless it.

  • Even though you stay sick, you still cheese it up!

  • You imitate everything we do!  

  • New words this month are mo mo (elmo) light, nana (banana) hot, on, off, boot, clock, eat, and bite.  Favorite words are bapaw and dog.
  • You love the men in your life and constantly say da da and bapaw.  

  • They feel the same way.  We all do!
  • You still love to read & dance and quite frequently bust out some moves!!
  • Sometimes you are a little punk and sometimes I could eat you up.

  • You are obsessed with animals!  You can imitate the sounds of a cow, rooster, owl, and dog.  It is really just the cutest:)
  • If you need to get anywhere, you just simply push whoever or whatever out of the way.  We're working on this.
  • You have completely taken over all the computers.  If anyone is on the computer, you come running so we can show you mickey, barney, elmo or nursery rhymes!  Little techie..
  • Favorite food: fruit, bread, oatmeal, and chicken spaghetti.
  • Favorite toys: books, dinosaurs, corn popper, and balls.
  • You've gone from two naps a day to one.  However, sometimes we still take two- at least I'm trying to hang on to 2 a day!  You are much more pleasant when you get 2 naps, as am I:)
  • People have told me that I should put you in commercials because you have so many facial expressions.  Here's what you thought about that.

  • You and Scooter are total out-laws and best buds.

  • You like to point out Scooter's body parts- such as nose, head, ears, etc.  I didn't have the heart to tell you that this is his paw, instead of his "toes".
  • When we are healthy, we go see your other bff, buddy! 
  • He's lucky he still has those cheeks when we leave, cause I eat em' up!
  • Cousin had a bad bout with RSV and was hooked up to the ventilator for four days.  It scared us to death, but I'm happy to report he is 100 % better than ever!  
  • You bring so much joy into my life every single day.
  • Dude, there's just one more thing...
  • Will you be my Valentine?

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