Monday, January 16, 2012

Dude is 15 Months!!!

I can't believe I just typed that title.  
Fifteen months, really?  Suzanne says, "The days are long, but the years are short."  Suz, you are so right.  Time has a way of sneaking up on us.  However, I can honestly say that we savor every moment with you.  Some days are not so great (like last week when you had a projectile vomiting virus), but most days are such a blessing all because of you!  
Here's what you're up to these days.
  • You melt all of our hearts with your kisses.  Oh my word, you're a kissing fool!  You will go mmmmuuuuaahhhh and plant a kissaroo right on our lips.  Sometimes, you try to kiss strangers.  Right now it is absolutely precious- fifteen years from now not so much.
  • When the weather is nice we dine outside with the birds & a begging boston.
iPhoto Library
  • You are officially into the toddler “rearranging” stage.  You move everything around constantly and lose the remote control at least once a day.  It is not abnormal to find dinosaurs in my purse and my cell phone in your toy box. 
  • Mammy rocks you to sleep by singing, “Bayou Baby.”  When you get sleepy at her house, you pick up a blanket, take it to mammy, and try to sing the song!   Your song sounds more like, “Yooooo Baaaabbyy.”  
  • New words this month are bapaw (papaw) buh bye (with a hand wave) deys (keys) mo mo (elmo) bite, baby, and mammy. Your favorites are definitely ball and dog- you say it all day long!
  • You also can point to your nose, mouth, eyes, ears, head, belly, elbow, shoulder, knees, and feet!  You can even say some of the body parts.
  • You love your mom, dad, and Elmo slippers:) 
  • About a thousand times a day, we youtube the hotdog dance and elmo has 4 ducks.  A. thousand. times. a. day. Both are cute as can be & you are even cuter when you dance along!  
  • We are starting to teach you the alphabet.  We watch Wheel of Fortune every night and you yell out, “EEEEE.”  So far, you know the letter E and the letter O, but sometimes you get a little confused between the two.
  • You’re really into Mickey, Elmo, dinosaurs, and books.
  • The other day we were playing in the yard and you found a big mud hole & plopped down in it.  BOYS.
  • You are such a little boy- no feminine side to you at all.
  •  You are still into everything & getting good at making a mess. Pretty soon you're gonna have to learn how to pick up after yourself, mister.
  • But then again, I don't mind doing it for you just a little longer.  I mean look at your sweet face!
  • Last week you had a mean, nasty, projectile vomiting virus.  It was awful. 
  •  Every time you threw up, I cried.  I hated so bad seeing you so sick, but we made it through dude. 
  • This month we celebrated cousin's first birthday!  
  • You have the most facial expressions of any child that I know!
  • Daddy's coming home very soon!
  • I love you kid.


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