Sunday, January 8, 2012

Booth Update & Crocs with Socks

Hope your weekend has been great!
Ours sure has- especially when we found out that we've already made our monthly booth rent in the flea market!  Our goal for the first couple of months was to make rent, so it was very encouraging to make it in one week:)
We restocked a few things & I snapped a few iPhone pics.

 Do you love milk glass vases?  We do.  In my next house, I will have exposed shelving with nothing but milk glasses!  But for now, these are $10.00 for all 3.

This shabby chic coffee table now lives at mi casa.

I bought this table a while back for $15.00 & just recently refinished it.  The edges are rounded and it is safe for toddling chirrens.  It is much, much safer than our old wrought iron & glass table.
Also not for sale is this precious boy wearing crocs with socks
Have a great week!

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