Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Can Only Mean One Thing...

This can only mean one thing...
Rudy Tudy is coming home today! Yay for groceries & husbands!  Well, I better say husband (singular term), a girl only needs one, right?

I've been a busy bee preparing for the arrival by DEEP cleaning our house.  Ceiling fans, cabinets, baseboards- you name it, I cleaned it!  My sweetness loves a clean house:)  It took me 3 days and a bottle of Clorox, but thankfully it is done.  Whew.  I woke up this morning with sore muscles.  Seriously?   Nothing like cleaning your house to let you know it's time to start stretching or working out.  Or both.
Anyway, I snapped this pic during mid-cleaning..

Does this stress you out?  Do you spy a thirsty dude?
While I was working hard, dude was acting a fool..

He even helped himself to a cup of coffee.

As I type this now, he is clicking the tree lights on & off.  Little punk.
Anyway, Rudy Tudy you're my best friend & the sore muscles are all worth it.  You work so hard to provide for us & I'm so thankful for you. 
P.s. Sorry for the blurriness, my handy cellular captured all the photos.

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