Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dude is 14 Months!!!

Merry Christmas, Dude!

We are really enjoying you this month!  This is mom's favorite holiday & I'm determined to make it yours as well.  You are the topper to my tree- My Sweet Christmas Angel!!!  
Except when you act like this...

Dude, must I remind you that Santa is watching.  

Here's what you're up to these days (besides being a dude with a tude)
  • You and Pappy are best buds.  In fact, you won't let anyone else hold you when Pappy's around.  It's starting to tick a few of us off:)

  • You still laugh and smile all the time.  
  • I know people won't believe this, but your vocabulary is quite impressive.  You can say: ears, nose, mouth, bye, heyo (hello), ball, book, bite, uh-oh, no no, mama, dada, dot dog(hotdog) and your favorite dog.  You have the most southern accent.  I can't imagine why??
  • You LOVE for us to read to you.  You love anything with animals, especially when we make animal noises.
Thanks Aunt KK, Deb, and Rob for the book. We love it!
  • Every time we go in public, someone comments on your red hair.  You get more hair compliments than anyone else, I'm sure of it!  The talk of red hair always raises the question, "Where did he get his red hair from?"  I'm about to start saying, God.  I mean it's true, right?  I've always wanted a red-headed child and He gave me one on the first try:) 
  • We are enjoying Christmas activities together.

  • You still love to dance, especially to the hotdog song.  We all heart Mickey!
  • Every time you wake up at Grammy & Papaw's house, you smile really big and point to her collage of photos saying, "da da & my ma ma" You do this every morning and after every single nap...
  • You better watch it, I might just bite that chubby sausage finger off!
  • Yesterday, you went to the mall for the first time.  This is you running to build-a-bear.
  • This is your reaction when I tried to pry you away from the store (after you pitched a fit).
  • I'll remind you one.more.time. Santa is watching.
  • We play monster a lot.  It's where we say "ROOAAAARRRR" and chase you, then you chase us saying "AAAARRRRRR".  Maybe it should be called lions & pirates??  Either way, you love it!
  • The other day you ate chickadees in front of your brother and didn't even offer him one.  The audacity!
  • But you didn't care. No, not one single bit.
  • For some reason you have turned into a picky eater here lately.  I'm hoping it's just a phase.
  • However, you love Berry Berry Good plain tart just like your momma.  A boy after my own heart!  This is why I love the south--- ice cream & short-sleeves in December.

  • These next 2 pictures are so you!  Running away from momma & getting into brothers kennel.  
  • You still try to call da da on momma's iPhone.
  • We are strengthening our immune systems this winter by catching a few viruses.  I say we, because I get sick right along with you!  
  • That there Clark's an R.V.
  • A crashed RV at that, but  don't worry cousin Eddie will fix it

Ok, so I know it's not an RV, but I'm cracking myself up here, so let's pretend.
  • Since you are no longer taking bottles (I know, it is so sad!!) you now have your nightly milk in a sippy cup.  Here you are in papaw's lap with your pants pulled high above your navel & mismatched socks- just like papaw.

  • You sure loved to help momma decorate for Christmas.
  • You make us so happy.  
  • Can you tell I like to dress you in Christmas pajamas???
  • All I want for Christmas is you.


Joey and Kristin Lindley said...

I love this post! He is getting so big and you can really see his personality in the pictures! Hope y'all are great!

Jessi said...

Thanks girl!! Hudson is a beautiful baby.. He's gonna be a cotton top this summer!!