Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chicken Love

I really love chickens.
I don't love their smell, but everything else is just so fun!  The thought of walking out in your backyard every day to collect your fresh, organic eggs excites this country girl.  We will 100 percent have chickens when we move to the land. The other day we visited my nephew's chickens & of course I had to snap a few pics...

Looks like my child shares the same enthusiasm when it comes to dirty birds...
I kind of have a crush on this rooster.  He has iridescent green feathers!
IMG_6883 copy
He's looking me in the eye, or rather lens..  I think the feeling is mutual:)  Oh, and how ugly are these guineas?  They are hideous, but they keep the snakes away!
She's another one of my favorites- probably because she lays pink eggs
Oh and here's one in mid-laying.  She was too busy to come out and see the crazy camera lady!
Here are some more pics...
IMG_6889 copy
IMG_6880 copy
Admit it.  They're not as bad as you thought!

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