Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Three Year Anniversary & Winter Beauty Secrets

That sure is a long title for such a short blog post.

Saturday, Rudy and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary.  It feels like we've been together forever and I can honestly say that I love and adore him more now than when we met 4 years ago.  He amazes me at the father that he is to our precious child and how he supports his family!   So, how did we celebrate? We bought a dyson & cleaned house all day, went to dinner that night, and ringed the night in with a migraine and vomit. 
Not exactly romantic, huh?  My poor lover got a migraine & varmited all night.  Happy Anniversary Honey!  Hope next year is better, haha.. 

The Dyson is our new baby.  Move over dude, there's a new toy in town!  Ya'll know I'm cheap, so it took Rudy a lot of persuading to spend that kind of money on a vacuum cleaner, but let me just tell you it was worth every penny.  It truly is the shiz. 
I took a picture mid-cleaning to show ya'll how we clean house. 

We deep clean.  It is cray cray how fast drawers & jet tubs get funky.  Am I the only one who hates jet tubs?  They gross me out so much that we never run ours.  Anywho, our drawers now look like this and it makes us happy.
Think I have enough hair products?  My sister use to sell enjoy & gave them to me for free.  I would never spend all that money!
I also arranged our meds.  We have 4 compartments: cold & flu, stomach, pain/first aid, and allergy.  Just call me organized!  We shall see how long it stays like this...

Now, let's talk about beauty.
A few people have asked me about how I get my hair wavy like in this picture.
 I call it my Taylor Swift hair:) And you can have Taylor Swift hair too with this tool. 
I got mine at Wal-Mart and you use it just like you would a crimper.

Another thing I do in the winter time is self tanner.  I start to feel bad about myself mid-winter & every year I realize it is because I am so pale.  Now, I am not a big self tanner fan, but I hate being pale & I don't want skin cancer, so I settle for it.  I have, however, found a great self tanner. It is L'Oreal towelettes.  Yes, it smells.  I don't care what you say, every self tanner stinks.  This is how I do it- 1. Exfoliate (this is a must!) 2. Apply towelette to completely dry skin (be careful, it doesn't start showing up until a few hours after you apply, so don't get crazy) 3. Let dry & put on an old robe 4. Sleep overnight 5. Shower like normal the next day!  The tan lasts a solid 6 days for me and I take a lot of baths.. 

Ok last one.  This one is especially for southerners who have warm days all throughout winter!  Instead of buying all new sweaters and tops for winter, just wear your summer shirts with a fun scarf and jacket. Here's an example.
This was what I wore for our 3 year anniversary date.  Bet you didn't know that shirt under my scarf is a work-out shirt??  Yep, I even wore a sports bra under it!  Migraine, varmit, and sports bra- what a hot date!

Coming up next is my mission trip post & a blog about how we decorated a little different for Christmas this year due to a 24 pound, red-headed toddler!

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