Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dude is 13 Months!!!

Dearest Dude,
Oh doodle the poodle can you believe it?  You are now 13 months old.  THIRTEEN MONTHS OLD.  Yes, the time has flown, but we are enjoying you now more than ever!  This age has hands down been my favorite so far. Even though I didn't think it possible, your personality has blossomed even more.  You constantly keep us laughing, smiling, and feeling such joy in our hearts.  You rock, dude.
 Here's what you're up to:
  • I'm pretty sure you have touched, banged, and tasted every inch of your home.
  • You and daddy are pals now.  Ya'll even have matching carhart overalls.
  • Your ultimate goal in life right now is to empty every drawer in the house.
  • You will randomly give me a kiss just to let me know you love me.
  • Yesterday I made you wear your backpack around the house & almost died at the cuteness.

  •  Then you walked over to my drink, sipped away, and gave me a devilish grin.  Which made me die for real.
  • Yesterday we also took a boat ride on Pappy's boat. You LOVE the boat.
  • You "say" a lot of words, but here are the ones you can associate their meaning with: momma, daddy, ball, hello/hey, bye, and this morning you pointed to brother and said dog. 
  • I feel in my heart that you will change the world someday.  My prediction at your future employment is preacher or a politician.  I really hope it isn't a politician, but we'll love you either way!
  • You were a moo cow for Halloween.
  • We thought you were never gonna walk, but 4 days ago you just took off and never looked back.
  • Now, you walk around the house with momma's phone saying "hello"
  • Some days I am fairly certain that I could eat you alive.
  • You love for grammy and papaw to read to you, especially books that involve animal sounds.
  • People will stop what they are doing to come tell me how precious you are and that they love your hair.
  • You like to stand on things that you're not suppose to in order to reach things you're not suppose to.
  • Here are some things you love: daddy, fruit (favorite food), toddling around the house, animals, boating, being outside, tia, grandparents, and going to the park.
  • You really are the light of our lives! 
  • My hope is that one day when you are mature and much older, you will read this blog to see a glimpse into your childhood and realize the depth of our love for you.

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