Monday, October 17, 2011

One Sick Puppy

Ya'll, I have one sick little puppy. 
As I picked dude up out of his crib this morning, I noticed that his legs & back were hot.  Being a first time mom dealing with a first time fever, I thought, "boy, I must have had too many blankets on him last night."  NOT.  Why is it that mommyhood sucks out all of your common sense sometimes???  Anyway, I proceeded to take his temperature and it was 100.6.  I gave him Tylenol and also noticed that his diaper rash (which was an ongoing fight)  now had these little red bumps.  Hmmm.  So, I checked his temp again 2 hours later & it is 101.7.  Hmmm.  I gave him more Tylenol & an hour later it was 102.  That was my limit.  I set up an appointment with the pediatrician who diagnosed dude with--  Hand Foot & Mouth Disease. 
For those of you who don't know, HFM is a common childhood virus that causes sores/bumps/blisters normally on the hand, feet, and mouth and causes a high fever.  In dude's case, he had them in his diaper area & in the back of his throat.  There is nothing you can do, except allow the ugly virus to take it's course & control the fever by rotating Tylenol and Motrin.  And FYI it is going around like a hot potato!  I pray that his condition doesn't get worse & that he heals quickly. Godspeed my child.  It is killing me to see him hurt.  I have literally held him all day; I love being his mommy so much.  As I was loving on him today, I couldn't help but think about sick children who don't have a mommy to love on them when they feel bad...  That fact kills me even more.
On a lighter note, the doctor says it normally subsides in 5 days. 
I leave for my mission trip to Mexico in 5 days.   Don't worry, God has granted me peace about going to share his word.  He has given me peace about leaving dude, my husband, and everything that I know to go with people who I don't know & share the gospel.  Of course prayers for safety are welcome, but please pray for the people of Mexico.  Pray that we will know/meet their needs, that barriers such as language & culture will not be an issue, and most importantly that they will feel the love of God & choose to say yes to a life of eternal salvation. 

P.s. Sick Puppy=Spoiled Fudgesicle Eating Puppy.
Much love

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