Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hola.. Lessons from Mexico

At this moment in time, I am on a bus (an extremely nice bus) headed to Merida, Mexico, in an attempt to beat hurricane Rina, who is headed to Cancun.
The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind involving plane tickets, decisions, hotels, travel plans, worried family members, and a lot of uncertainty. A lot of uncertainty.
I wish I could tell you all that I have not worried or gotten frustrated one time and fully trusted in God's plan. However, that would be a flat out lie. I have been worried about flights, my family, and our group. Now, don't get me wrong, it is a natural response to worry about loved ones.
But here's the deal folks- it ain't about me.
The world does not revolve around me.
While I'm on a luxury bus headed to safety, the people we met are in one bedroom homes, some of them being held together by sticks and tarps. I can assure you I am not exaggerating. I know because we just brought them the tarps yesterday. The guilt of my feelings & attitude over the past 24 hours overwhelms me.
But ya know what? Even though our time here was cut short, we were able to love, give, pray, and share the gospel to the people in Cancun. I am blessed at the opportunity to be a blessing to these precious people. I am blessed that I have such a wonderful family to take care of dude. I am blessed to be with this group of people. And I am blessed by a God who is loving, patient, kind and forgiving.
Our plan for now is to fly out of Merida on Friday at 7:00 am, but that could change. And if things go the way they have been, it probably will. But I refuse to let anything overshadow the fact that I had a wonderful experience on my first mission trip. I rest in the fact that we don't have to be and aren't expected to be perfect.
I can't wait to do a full blog with pictures of the whole trip!
Hasta Luego

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