Monday, September 12, 2011

Styling a Country Cottage

My father-in-law decided that he wanted a "shed" in his backyard.  A shed to store all of his wife's seasonal decorations, lawnmowers, tools, etc.  A simple storage shed that would double as a man cave, if you will.
Fast forward to 2 months later and his shed is now a small cottage in his backyard.  Once built, it was decided that the "shed" was just too nice to park a lawnmower in.  I mean the buiding had french doors.  FRENCH DOORS.  Upon completion, he gave the task of styling & decorating to me and my sidekick, Con.  Follow us on our journey to styling this country cottage!

Isn't it just the cutest??  The kids are going to LOVE it when they are a little older!  So, basically we had a blank slate (with wood floors, exposed wood stairs, and french doors).  
Here is the big reveal-

Do you love?  We have been swooning over this cottage since we finished it last week!  We all love how it turned out and can't wait to christen it with a family fish fry!  And best of all- we only spent $900 dollars!  Here is a break-down of what, where, and how much!
1. Children's table.  This is quite possibly my favorite element in the room.  I mean what else could you tuck up under a staircase??  How cool are the kids gonna be at their own table?  Watch out!  Ok, we bought the table at Forget-Me-Not's consignment for $47.00. However, the table & chairs needed serious work!  Here is the before- 
We recovered the chairs, spray painted the table, and covered the table top with vinyl (so you can wipe it off).  This project totaled to $60.00.
2. Next is our rug that we found from T.J. Maxx= $50.00=I can't believe we found one to match perfectly!
3. Our mustard colored toy box for $2.00 at the Pearl Flea Market.
4. A magazine/book holder that mom found at a garage sale for $3.00, just a little spray paint was all it needed.
5. Mustard tray to store pencils and other tools the boys will need:)
6. Extra seating in raw wood color that we found at the Pearl Flea Market for $20.00.  They have way more personality than those ug fold out chairs at Wal-Mart.
7. Vintage Chair from Forget-Me-Nots for $65.00.  When I saw this chair, I told mom that I was not leaving the store without this chair.  She wasn't crazy about it, but like I said- I was NOT leaving until this chair was loaded up! 
8. Portrait from Hobby Lobby for $30.00
9. Another one of my favorites- candelabras from the Pearl Flea Market for- $2.00.  I may have jumped and used my squealy voice when I told the woman, "We'll take them."
10. There really is no point here, I just wanted to make it an even number.

1. FREE lamp stolen from June's back porch.
2. Picture from Kirklands=$10.00
3. Corner shelf and decorative items were bought from Forget-Me-Not's for $25.00 total.
4. Velvet couch in the same colors as our fabric for $260.00  Ya'll this couch is comfortable and came from none other than Forget-Me-Nots.  Can you tell we like that place?  I almost died when we found this couch because it ties the whole room together.
5. I refinished this table we bought from the Pearl Flea Market for $3.00!!!  Doesn't the style just scream Country Cottage??  At least that's what I heard..
6. Side table we found at Pearl Flea Market for $10.00
7. Lamp was free, courtesy of my house!

1. Table & chairs.  Whew, this is definately where we spent the majority of our time!! The table was the first thing I bought for the cottage.  It was a whopping $20.00 at the Pearl Flea Market.  I loved so many things about it, but mostly that it was octagon shaped and could comfortably fit 6-8 people and didn't take up that much room!  I gladly forked over $20.00 and never looked back, that was until I measured and figured out it was 2 inches taller than a regular table, leaving us searching for days to find chairs that were high enough.  Grrr.  It was a pain in the you know what, but we ended up buying 4 chairs from the Flowood Flea Market for $80.00.  Once we got these puppies home, I discovered that one of the chairs were missing 2 pieces on the bottom.  At this point, I let a not so nice word slip. Luckily, my neighbor saved the day- one dowl and 2 pieces of wood later, we were back in business. Here is a picture before we painted it to match the other wood! 

This is why it's important to inspect everything you buy second-hand, but thankfully now you can't even tell!  To say that we were happy when these chairs were finally done is a total understatement. This whole project totaled to around $200.
2. This tray under the flower arrangement came from the Pearl Flea Market for $5.00.  It doubles as a food tray & a checkerboard.  My father-in-law LOVES checkers.  I plan to spray paint coke bottle tops to serve as the checker pieces.  Hopefully we won't get urinary tract infections trying to get coke tops!
3. This flower arrangement was $40.00 from Kirklands.
4. This picture came from Forget-Me-Not's for $10.00 and covers up the ugly electric box!
5. This mustard yellow can will serve as our trash.  It came from the Flowood Flea Market for $20

1. We heart this wash sink.  We plan to use it as a wash sink, especially to wash dirty little boy hands before they have snacks at their cool kids table.  We also plan to store napkins, utensils, paper plates, etc in the drawers.  It was $40.00 at Town Square and was painted the same color gray in our fabric by Jimbo!
2. $12.00 Mirror from Rankin Thrift completes our look.
3. Refridgerator to store beverages.  Pete bought this from Home Depot and I'm not sure how much it cost.
4. Tray, coffee pot, and coffee cups came from Ross for $30.00

If you've stayed with me this far- Congrats!  Next, we want to show a closer look at some of our favorite things!
Candelabras and corner shelves add depth to the walls and they are so fun to decorate!
This room needed a cottagey coffee table and we were able to create a shabby chic look by distressing and glazing this table.  The rooster adds a personal touch and is safe for little boys to chew on.
You never know when you will need extra seating!  These fold out chairs are the perfect size for this table and believe it or not they are comfortable...

I spy a swing set in this shaded area soon! 
The greenery outside completes the cottage look! There is such a happy feeling when you are down there and it's just a few steps away... We had a blast decorating and I am so happy that my in-laws are pleased with the final result! 

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