Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dude is 11 Months!!!

Dearest Dude,
So, here we are one month shy of your first birthday and what a big boy you've become!  Don't worry dude, I'm not gonna whine this time about you growing up so fast!  Instead, I'm learning to savor every little moment with you.  It has taken me 11 months to realize that you get better with age.
  • Today, I made you wear a hood over your head in wal-mart and I nicknamed you rapper dude just because I felt like it.
  • You are such a happy baby! 
  • I personally think you should be a boot model.
  • You chit-chat all the time, especially when you talk to yourself in the backseat mirror of momma's car.
  • You and dad have seriously bonded here lately.  I mean come on, how presh is this picture??
  • In these next two pictures you look so much like me when I was little.
  • You are quite the dancer. 
  • You have become such a great eater, you had me worried there for a little while..  Your favorite meal of the day is definately breakfast. 
  • To say that you love all fruit is an understatement.  I have yet to find one that you don't like.
  • When the weather is nice we picnic/play outside. 
  • Heaven forbid we put you in your jumperoo.  You start saying, "no no no no no"  You are a big boy now and you want to ROAM.
  • If I had to describe you in one word it would be BUSY.
  • You are constantly on the move. Constantly, I tell ya!
  • You spend a great deal of your time in the kitchen.
  • Somebody needs to tell you that the sippy cup is not connected to the top.
  • You are doing awesome at MMO.  Here you are this morning waiting to go into your classroom. 
  • Around 8:00 every night you have a bottle and enjoy "quiet time" where you play by yourself.
  • You also put yourself to sleep at night. We just turn the mobile on, lay you down, and within a few minutes you are out. Momma really likes that you do this:)
  • You exude testosterone.  You are definately ALL BOY.
  • Sometimes I can't believe how beautiful you are.
  • We love you little dude, you bring so much joy to our family!

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