Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rudy's First Blog Post

I have been begging asking Rudy to blog on here for quite some time & tonight he made my dreams come true.  Ok, so maybe that's a little overboard, but I'm excited for ya'll to see his point of view. 

My wife has specially requested me to write a blog. I'm not fond of the idea, but figure besides jeopordizing my man-cred, what's the worst that could happen? So, I will entitle this blog, "Rudy."

My life has been nothing short of a blessing from God. I've been fortunate enough to have 2 loving parents, an awesome brother, a wife that I adore, and now a child that has made me realize the depths of my love. It's a fair assessment to say that growing up, I was a momma and daddy's boy. As a man though, I realize how much my dad has sacrificed in order to support, and give a comfortable living to my mom, me and my brother. I followed in my dads footsteps and jumped into the oilfield at an early age. It's a total testament to the word sacrifice when you have to leave your wife and newborn child to make a living. Half of my life, I am away from everyone and everything I love. However, I tend to steer on the optimistic side of things, and thank God that I have a job, and can support my family as I do. So I now understand when I was a boy, and my dad had to leave to go to work and him saying, "You'll never know till you have one." (Speaking of your kids). Now I do.

My mother is a whole story within itself. Opinionated, loving, God-fearing, honest, and highly witty (Thank God for Mamaw Goose). I don't ever remember going to my mom for advice, help, or needing someone to just talk to, and her not being "on spot" to give me the words I needed to hear. She is definitely the Van Lear Rose of the Allen family. (Reference Loretta Lynn for the meaning of the VLR)

However, I would have to say that my brother has a love for me that surpasses anyone. He has the biggest and kindest heart of anyone I have ever met in my life. I envy his love for people in general. Throughout our lives, the only time I've seen him get fired up is when someone messed with me. And for the record, I would not want him on my bad side, his size alone will make most choose their words carefully.

Now to my wife and baby boy. When Jessi came into my life, I knew that was it. I was "all chips in" from the get-go. We dated for 2 months, got engaged, and 11 months later tied the knot. I knew when I asked her to marry me, that was it. In todays world, when it comes to marriage, "do-overs" seem to be accepted. Make no mistake, I'm not judging anyone who has had a divorce, but I'm just saying for me, it's just not gonna happen. I know some people reading this, and especially some people that know my past are saying, "We'll see about this in the years to come." I would answer the critics with this statement and it is this..So to speak, our marriage is a trinity..not the Holy Trinity, but a trinity. God is the foundation in our marriage, without Him, we are doomed from the get-go. We elect to include God in our marriage. Personally, if someone doesn't, it's my opinion that the chips are already stacked against them. I have faith that as long as we include God in our marriage, we will have a blessed marriage. So, if I believe that our marriage will not work, then I am denying faith in God. And if anyone should be on his knees everynight thanking, and believing in God, it is me. Nothing will make me sellout on this. Being with Jessi, my walk with God has been, and continues to get better. I made a lot of decisions in the past that will make a valid argument that I am swimming in hypocrisy right now. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, I do believe people change. Many argue, "once a cheater, always a cheater," however I disagree to the fullest. Before Jessi, I don't think I had a girlfriend that I didn't cheat on. Now, I can honestly say that I don't entertain the thought. Literally, Thank God!

Hagan Jude Allen; when this little fella "crowned", that was it. It cemented the capacity of ones undenying, unconditional love. There is not a minute that he is not totally consuming my thoughts. Having my little boy made me a self-less person. I would not argue with anyone labeling me a selfish person before October 7, 2010. On that day, it was no longer about was him. I've told this to so many people before, but it's so love your mom and dad, you love your wife/ husband, but that love for a child is a totally untapped love. You'll only find it when you have one.

Jessi asked that I not get into politics on this blog. I will not go into detail, but will make several blanket statements, some political, some personal; I wish Allen West would run for office in 2012, I think Obama is very bad for this country, I do not think it's ok for our society to accept homosexuality, I don't believe in "hate crimes" (the foundation of 99% of crimes is hate), I believe the double standard is alive and well today, I think the new NFL rule of kicking off from the 35 yardline is ridiculous, noone will stop the Patriots this year, Hagan will attend deer camp with me this year, the NFL network is a beautiful thing, Bravo-TV should be banned, I believe Tyrone Lewis is mentally handicapped, I'll take a steak over pasta any day of the week, not having sweet tea at a restaurant is un-American, I still miss my Copenhagen, nicotine gum is very expensive, I can't wait to shoot my new .44 mag, (Elvis, Marshall Tucker Band, George Strait, Skynrd, Sammy Kershaw, Jones = good music), (Lil Wayne, Justice Beaver, Gaga, = garbage), it bothers me when people take pictures of themselves and post them on facebook, most facebookers use it as a tool to discreetly brag on themselves or show that they are significant,, Dexter McCluster said it best, "Don't text and drive", happy wife = happy life, Elvis is still the King, throat rips are sometimes necessary (MacGruber), one doesn't "loose" a game, they "lose" it, you "loosen" a belt, people butcher the word "literally", (example; if he "literally" ripped your heart out, you'd be dead), stating facts doesn't mean you're a racist or sexist, Nick Diaz will beat GSP, Jon "Bones" Jones is a beast, Tim Tebow is a stand-up guy, Mike Tyson was the best boxer ever along with having the best quote, "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face."


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The Vandevenders said...

Good job, Rudy! I laughed out loud at your last paragraph! Such a sweet post!