Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dude is 10 Months!!

Argh, my little pirate surely you're not TEN MONTHS OLD???
But ahoy you certainly are and your Sailor Party is only 2 short months away!  And your momma has been crafting your party decor all day and has pirates on the brain!
Here's what you're up to:
  • You  finally watch tv, sort of...  You only watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when they sing & do the hotdog dance.  However, you would rather watch a commercial than a television show.
  • You still love swimming and the boat!
  • You and dee are true bff's now.  You give him kisses, followed by a few smacks and he runs around you in circles playing with you.  It is ADORABLE!  Though momma is kind of scared that one of you boys will take it too far and hurt the other, so I have to yell a billion times "Be easy."
  • You added a new word to your vocab.  It is ball, pronounced baaaawwwllllllllll. 
  • You are cutting some serious back teeth and I pray that they break through soon, hang in there dude!
  • You and daddy are best buds & he is so amazed at how much you grow when he's at work.
  • You are going to be a cow for halloween.  Not just any ole cow, but the cutest cow in the whole dern universe. Aaahh, I can't wait!
  • We have busted out some new toys here recently.  You're not too sure about them.
  • You are getting so smart & turning into a sneaky little boy.  The other day I saw you chewing something & when I asked you what you had in your mouth you immediately stopped chewing.   I later caught you chewing what turned out to be a strand of the carpet.
  • You love for momma to hold you and dance & sing.  You also love to be thrown around.  I do this thing where I hold you upside down and "shake the pennies out".  Now that I think about it, I probably should not do it, but whatever you love it!
  • You love your momma more than anything in this world..  And oh my goodness I love you!  I am trying to soak up every minute of it because I know that all too soon I will lose you to deer hunting daddy.  Don't get me wrong you have days where you want your daddy all the time, but momma is the shiz for now! 
  • You are chewing your food sooo much better and hands down your favorite food is a biscuit.  You can eat an entire butter biscuit by yourself.  Bananas are a close second, but I've seen you shed tears over a biscuit!   Tia took us grocery shopping today and helped pick out all sorts of new foods for you to eat.  Here you are eating chicken vienna sausage.
  • You only drink sippy cups that have a straw. 
  • Listen to what you did the other day.  I was crafting in the garage & enjoying my iced caramel latte, when I reached for a sip and it wasn't there.  Guess who had it? YOU.  Yep, while in your walker you knocked it off, evidently caught it upright, and sucked it down through a straw.  Sneaky pants!
  • Your new sneakiness has led us to put up this.  We do it to keep you two bandits in check
    You can't see it in the pic, but dee is right beside you!
    • You are so going to be that kid with all the bruises and busted up face because you are fearless.  I mean you try to nose dive off the bed every single morning! 
    • You can hit your head on something so hard and I just wait for the tears, but nooo they don't come.  However, if I yell at you, you have a meltdown.  You can't stand a harsh tone and you get your little feelings hurt daily.  I guess it's safe to say you wear your feelings on your sweet rolly polly arms!
    • Aunt KK had a 6 hour surgery today that has had momma a little worried, but don't worry she is out now and the doctor is pleased with the results. Praise the Lord! We all adore aunt KK and are so excited for her..
    • I am still working on your book that I wrote.  It is almost done & I'm so excited about it!  I hope you will let me read it to you and not rip the pages out.
    • You are so awesome kid and we love you very much.

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