Monday, August 22, 2011

Dude Goes to School!

Today was a big day in the land of dude...

He went to MMO (Mother's Morning Out) for 3 hours today. We tried our best to prep him for "school." We told him that we would only be gone for a little while, don't bite the other children like you do mommy, and to be a big boy & try not to cry a lot. I'm sure he understood everything we told him.

So how did he do? Much better than his ridiculous momma. Mrs. Sue said he got upset when the other children cried and when it was nap time. Way to go Dude! When I dropped him off, he leaped out of my arms yelling, "bawwll" and swiftly crawled toward a big blue ball. What I wouldn't have done to be a fly on the wall to watch him play all morning!
What did I do while dude was playing at school? Twittled my thumbs. Seriously, I was lost without him. I even turned the wrong way out of the parking lot. He is always right up under me when I pick up the house, he talks to me in his walker while I bathe, I rock him for his morning nap- you get the picture! He is ALWAYS there, but this morning he wasn't. It was hard, but Sarah said it gets easier and I trust her..

Time away from momma = never leaving my side

All of that brings me to something I want to discuss, which is to homeschool or not to homeschool. I asked Rudy not too long ago if he thought we should homeschool. He said, “Whatever you think.” Though I’m flattered that he trusts me, it didn’t really give me much to go on. Since then I have put much thought into homeschooling and I want to express how I feel at this point in time on my blog. I will probably offend someone, but I promise my intentions are good. Who knows, maybe one day I will homeschool dude and his siblings, but at this time I truly feel it is not for our family. However, I admire parents that take on the role of teacher and homeschool their offspring. You people amaze me! Reading your blogs have inspired me and made me want to research the subject more! I compiled a list of the top reasons why people chose to homeschool.

• My child = my responsibility, including their education.

• Most schools do not include God in their curriculum.

• Mama knows best, therefore mama can adapt education & learning skills specific for their child.

• Child are able learn at their own pace.

• A lot less peer pressure.

I agree with every single one of these points. However, I can also argue each one. My child is and always will be my responsibility. Getting him up, dressed, fed, disciplined, homework, school activities, sports, fundraisers, etc are enough responsibility! Though I do feel that parents should add to their children’s education. My mom was always involved in my education and took the time to help me with my school work. Unfortunately, most schools don't include God and I wish that were different. However, though school may not include God, church does and we certainly will. Sunday school, VBS, bible reading, and night time prayer are all ways to include God in your curriculum. Moving onto the next point-mama knows best. Of course no one knows a child better than his or her mother. However, when your baby goes off to college or finds a job, I can guarantee their professor or employer will know nothing about them. They will have to adapt to their environment & learn in a way that they may not be accustomed to. That’s life. I believe that teachers are capable of loving your children and vice versa. I think about the Abby’s, the Emily's, and all the other wonderful teachers in this world and I don’t want my children to miss out on all they have to offer! Until Jesus returns, peer pressure will unfortunately be around. Period.

Here is the bottom line. Rudy and I both believe that a structured school environment & a loving, Godly home is all a child really needs. What school lacks, God will help us add.

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