Friday, July 29, 2011


Tonight I had the priveledge of keeping this little guy
Isn't he a doll?  He and dude are BFF.
See.  Dude likes to give him kisses on the forehead...
They also play well together..  Well, that is until dude tries to "pat" him on the forehead.  
There is nothing like having 2 very small, but needy babies around!  They keep you on your toes for sure, but oh my goodness they bring so much love and joy!!  What is it about babies??  They are just so wonderful!

Kelley came into town this week & brought dude some toys!!  I love Kelley.  She and I went to hygiene school together and have remained close.  Dude loves her too.  So much love going around....
Boy am I a mushball tonight or what??  I swear it's all these babies!  Speaking of babies cousin is coming into town this week & I can't wait to get his good sugar.  Hagan has great cousins.  Zack and Case adore him and they are so precious around dude.  Zack said "If I have a baby I want him to be just like Hagan," it just made me smile! 

Anyway, let me get off here before I embarass myself or just melt right here from all this sappiness..

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Mommie Couture said...

Aww, how sweet! I love watching babies interact!