Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grrr Gerber & Fourth of July

Have you ever dropped a glass jar of gerber baby food? I HAVE.
If you have, then you are probably secretly smiling & anxiously awaiting a funny story to follow my rhetorical question.  Well, here you go.  After dude went to bed last night, I made my grocery list and menu plan for the next two weeks and headed to Kroger around 10:00 pm.  Don't worry, dude was sound asleep at my mom's house, I would never leave the puppy unattended!  I thought that I would be back to momma's and asleep by 11:30.  HAHA NOT.  So I buy enough food to feed an army & go to the check out counter and  all the lanes are closed.  Great.  I flag down a worker (which is not hard when you are the only person in the store and it is almost midnight)  and she politely tells me that I will have to self check my overflowing buggy myself.  I asked if she was kidding 3 different times and then explained how bad I suck at self check-out.  She gave me an "I'm sorry" look (kind of) and walked away.  I think she felt sorry for me because I couldn't get the dern paper towels to scan & called for back-up, who checked me out at record pace.  Whew, sometimes it's life's little blessings, you know the ones like not having to self check 143 items.  Anyway, back to the gerber story.  I was half-way finished with putting my lot away, when I tried to carry one too many GLASS gerber baby food jars.  I tripped over a toy & a jar flew out of my hands, landing with a loud biiiinnnnggg.  Yall know that sound, the sound of glass hitting a hard surface that makes you gasp in air and then spout a curse word.  Yep...  Remember it is now around 1:00 in the morning & all I wanna do is just go to bed.  But now my pantry, which just so happens to be dude's favorite room in the house, is now sparkling from all the glass & is covered in sweet potatos. Grrrr... Two sweepings & 5 swiffer pads later I think I got it all.  Gerber, I am pissed at you & it might just make me feel better if I told you what was on my mind ,so here is a letter to you.
Dear Gerber,
I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little ticked at you.  First off, I spend 10 cents more per jar on you & you do this to me.  Not to mention at the worst time possible (1:00 am for your information).  Why are you made of glass anyway?  You're suppose to be kid friendly.  Well let me tell you something- glass shattered everywhere in my pantry is not freakin kid friendly!  Dude says I have to forgive you because he really likes your bananas.  I'm only doing this for him and you better hope a sliver of your glass jar doesn't end up in his precious little foot.  You can make this up to me by sending coupons.  Bye
These little things remind me of how unperfect in every single way that I am.  I am so thankful that I have a Redeemer who forgives my shortcomings and does not expect me to be perfect!  He is perfect so we don't have to be.. 
Did yall have a Happy Fourth of July?  Dude & I sure did..  We hung out at mama & daddy's house with a crazy, but very fun group of girls!! Tonya, Lindi, & Dawn are so precious and spunky! Later that night we headed over to see dude's best bud, Jacob Campbell. We played games & had a great time. Very low-key fourth, but that's the way we like it! Here are a few pictures of the day

Is this not the most precious picture??

Although I'm not sure how he ended up in his diaper & garage socks??

You're a natural Crystal!!

Look who I found over the fence, Zack!

Ahhh is he not the cutest, I could chew his juicy lips off!

Ace had a happy fourth!

And so did dude in his festive fourth of july john john

The night ended with sweet sleepy babies

Got one more funny story for you before I call it a night.  It will be really funny if you know my dad, whom I affectionately call Jimbo.  Well the morning of the fourth, he felt the need to sing My Country Tis of Thee.  Hahahaha. 
It started out strong & went downhill fast.  It went a little something like this-
My Country Tis of Thee
Sweet Land of Liberty Ooohhhh I sing
Land where my fathers died
Land on the pilgrims side
Let everyone have pride, Let Freedom Ring
 We got tickled half way through and by the end of his drawn out song, I was crying.  There is never a dull moment around the Rhodes house.. The sad thing is he probably knows more of the lyrics than half the people in our country.  I am so thankful for the men & women who make huge sacrifices to serve our country.  Your courage, strength, and selflessness amazes me!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Elizabeth said...

time for a tutorial!! I want to know how you did your hair in that cute little bitty braid in the first picture you posted. That Dude of yours is a CHUNK!!! He's so cute!

Jessi Allen said...

Ha Elizabeth, it is called trying to hide nappy fly-aways!! I just take a section of hair in the front & french braid it backwards & bobby pin it! Miss you, I ran into Teresa the other day & she wants us to all go out to eat. When we do, I'll let you know!

Elizabeth said...

You have perfect hair, there are NO nappy flyaways! Thanks for the tip! I will be waiting for our lunch date! Teresa is a great lunch goer outer.