Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wanna Play a Game?

Wanna play a game?
Ok, good.  It's called guess how much I paid for it.
I am going to post pictures of various things and you guess how many bones (as kristin would say) I paid. These items came from various places including retail stores, garage sales, clearance items, etc.  I think some of the answers will shock you. Ready, set, go!
First on the list is this extra-padded shopping cart cover.
How much did I pay for it?
I bought this while dude was in utero at a garage sale for $4.00 from a very nice mom who told me she payed $60.00 for it at Helen's.  I felt like a dirtbag only paying that for it, but by the time I made it to the car the feeling subsided.

Up next is this one shoulder dress I wore to Anna' shower last weekend.
How much did I pay for it?
It is my new favorite dress and it came from Target for $24.99!!

Hagan's brand new Britax Marathon car seat.
How much did I pay for it?
This was a splurge, but hopefully it will last through all my children. I bought it online at hayneedle for a total of $219.00.  This car seat at Babies-R-Us is totalled at around $300, so at least I saved money!!

What about these outfits I bought today & forced dude to model them for me-
How much did I pay for them?
For the green romper $12.00 and $3.49 for the capricorn sleeper.  If you have a little one that sleeps on top of his blankets rather than under, then Old Navy has sleepers from $1.00-$5.00!

These 2 pieces of furniture.
How much did I pay for them?

FREE.  Both were given to us.  The yellow one just needed to be cleaned up.  The gray one got a fresh coat of paint & has the original hardware. However, Scooter was $400, but worth every penny!

This BB slen wrap that I carry my chunky baby around in.
How much did I pay for it?
I payed way too much. I think it was around $70.00  & though I like it, I think Sarah could have made me one with cheaper fabric.

Romper that I wore to Kentucky Derby party.
How much did I pay for it?
$60.00 at MiGi's.  So see I'm not a total cheapo!!

Some of my favorite things didn't cost an arm & a leg and yours doesn't have to either!  Hope you enjoyed my silly game.

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