Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So, I use to nurse this...
But now I'm nursing something else.  Can you guess it?
Yep, it's my back.  In fact, it's the exact same place that hurt when I was pregnant.  Only this time it is from carrying dude around outside of my body!  Chubby healthy baby + toting him around everywhere = pulled back muscle.  Not a good formula people.
BTW how funny is that first picture.  I snapped it this morning at mamas with my handy iphone.  It is saved in the computer as dude with a tude, haha!
This picture was also taken this morning.  Dude is still trying to eat Scooter and obviously Scooter likes his morning breath..
I tried to tell him that brother won't taste too good, but he won't take my word for it.  BOYS
We have a mission trip coming up in September.  People we need prayers BIG TIME.  For so many reasons.  For the people of Mexico that we will be sharing the gospel with & helping, for safety, for our family who will be taking care of dude, and for my precious little boy who I will have to leave for 7 days.  Emily if you read this that was a total run-on sentence, sorry.  In all honesty, I am stressing this trip.  I haven't left dude for a night, much less for a week!  But I am staying strong in the truth that God will come through and provide in every way I need him to.  The trip is to Mexico September 3-10 at Pinelake.  Some of their missions are cost-free, so if you are interested please either message me on facebook or shoot me an email.  In other news, cousin is coming to visit us this weekend and we are super excited!  We love cousin, he is such a little joy..
Well, I had a few more updates, but I forgot them.  This post needs to be wrapped up anyway because I have to wake up at 5:20 AM to clean some teeth!  FYI if you need a cleaning and don't have insurance- my office is doing a summer special for $99.00 that includes a cleaning, exam, and x-rays!!  We also accept most insurances.  Message me if you are interested.. 
Just one more thing.  If you are just following this blog on facebook, then you are missing half of my posts.  I do not put every post on facebook, just if I happen to think about it.  So if you care to listen or rather read my ramblings then please click follow.  PS  I've think that I have finally narrowed down our house plans so stay tuned!

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Mommie Couture said...

He is so cute! I totally feel ya on the back pain from toting the little one around! My 4 month old chunker is 20lbs already and my back is not happy about it! ;)