Saturday, June 25, 2011

Showering of Love

Today as I made these

My little dude was busy eating 3 packets of sweet-n-low, a tortilla chip, and making a mess in the pantry.
I turned my back for five minutes & found dude enjoying a potato chip.  Then I found 3 chewed up sugar packets with the sugar dissolved out of them. That little guy keeps me on my toes! 
Today we showered Anna (our cousin) with gifts and love. 

Everyone there was just precious and so much fun!  Isn't cousin getting big?  The shower wiped dude out.
We cooked out with buddy the other day & I snapped a few pics of the boys. 
How cute is Jacob Campbell?  He has the sweetest sugar!!
I also snapped a pic of dude trying to crawl out of his bath tub.  Did I mention he keeps me on my toes?
Hope someone showers you with love this weekend:)

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