Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dude's Desk and Other DIY Projects

I want to share my recent DIY projects with yall!

First off, we have dude's desk.  Just to give ya'll a little background- my mom taught me my ABC's in a hideous green plastic desk.  I knew I wanted one for dude. Well maybe not a hideous green one, but a desk nonetheless. So I searched my oh so trustworthy garage sales and found a perfect desk. Here it is.
Solid wood complete with scratch marks, stickers, and crayon drawings.  I saw it & gladly forked over $10.00.  It took me a month before I decided how to refinish it.  Here's a step by step on how we did it!
1. Clean- only my nugget's germs allowed!
2. Prime- I personally like to prime everything we refinish because it helps paint adhere to the surface, cuts down on number of coats, and blocks odor.  This is the kind of primer we use. It's more expensive than the other guys, but trust me it is the best!
3. Sand-  Always always always sand after priming.  There is no need to sand hard, just enough to get the "gritty feel" off. Lightly sand until the surface feels smooth to the touch.
4. Paint- Normally I paint with behr satin paint, but I found the perfect color in acrylic paint.  And it was on sale for a dollar a bottle & yall know I'm cheap. 
5. Distress- I knew I wanted the white and raw wood to show through,so I sanded harder in a few places.
6. Polyrilic-  I want this desk to be used a lot and last a long time, so the colors need to stay!  Three coats of polycrilic spray will do the trick.  Michael's has it in a spray can.
7. Buy the puppy a magnetic chalkboard (also from Michael's) so he can learn his letters.
Tidbit: Hot water removes stickers!
Here is the finished result.

Do you love? I do. 

The next DIY project includes a vodka bottle, spraypaint, and rub-n-buff .  Rub-n-buff is sold at Michaels and should have a warning label indicating, "product is highly addictive and just might make you want to rub on all the knobs in your house!"  It is the bomb. We have it in every color in our workshop (aka garage)  I have to give mom credit for this one.  Way to go mama for giving a whole new look to a "bottle that is just too pretty to throw away."

Speaking of garage.  This is mamas right now.
 All the furniture we refinish is donated to the Center for Violence Prevention, which is a refuge for battered women and children.  I'm going to do a whole post & let yall know how YOU can help.
Have a great week!

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