Friday, May 13, 2011

Origin of Dude

Just in case you were wondering where the nickname "dude" came from..  Dude originated from johna (aunt bird) and her precious daddy's phone conversation that went a little something like this...

Johna:  "Daddy, Jessi had her baby."
Daddy: "Oh thats great bird, what'd she name him?"
Johna: "Hagan Jude"
Daddy: "Oh Hagan Dude, I love that name."
Johna: "No daddy, Jude, Hagan Jude."
Daddy: "Thats what I said Hagan Dude.  Gotta go bird ,bye."

So there ya go.  I'm pretty sure he still thinks I middle named my child Dude. How precious is he:)

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