Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dude is 7 Months!!

Dearest Dude,
It’s that time again. Time to do your SEVEN month post. Well, technically you’re 7 ½ months because mom is running a little behind. I want to cry because you are growing up too fast, but each month you get more and more fun! Bittersweet is the proper term, I think. 
Here’s what you’re up to these days-
  • You have 2 bottom teeth and very swollen top gums..
  • You now have tubes in your sweet little ears. Here is a picture before your surgery. 
  • And now you have to wear ear plugs during bath time. We call you Frankendude!
  •  You sleep through the night, usually 8:30-6:00. Hallelujah! (I really hope I don't jinx it)
  • You grab EVERYTHING! And once you get ahold of whatever object your chunky fingers find, it goes straight to your mouth..
  • Ninety percent of my meals are eaten with you in my lap. The other day you offered mommy your pacifier. Thanks dude, you really shouldn’t have.
  • You eat about 3 jars of baby food a day. Your favorites are : Bananas, Pears, Squash, and Mixed Veggies.
  • You are almost crawling. You will stick that little butt in the air and scoot your way across the room with your face buried in the ground. If only you knew to push up with those chubby muscled arms, you’d have it down!
  • You're a total techie...  Iphones, laptops, cameras, remotes, you are drawn to them!
  • You smile at everyone and make them feel special!
  • Not only are you a ladies man, but I have never seen a baby get so many compliments by men. I think it is because you are ALL BOY.
  • Diaper changes are a task these days. You think it’s cute to roll over during diaper changes, but it’s not cool dude!
  • You don’t really care much for the television. I have tried to get you to watch it, but if you can’t grab it or chew on it, then you aren’t interested!
  • Speaking of chewing, it is hilarious how you “suck” a binky. We never gave you a binky as a baby, so it’s not your fault that you don’t know how to use it. These pictures say it all, bless it.
  • You wrap your chubby fingers around mine while nursing. Melts my heart!
  •  Dad and you are best buds..
  • You and scooter are also pals. You smile when you see him and reach out for him, but he knows better than to get in your reach!
  • Papaw still knocks you out.
  • When you are tired of your jumper or walker you fuss and reach your arms up for me to get you.  It looks a little like this-
  • You can hit your head so hard on something and never cry, but if someone raises their voice you melt. I love your sweet little sensitive heart!
Every new thing you do is a big deal to your dad and me. We love you more than you will ever know and enjoy watching you grow and learn!

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