Sunday, May 8, 2011


This weekend was the Kentucky Derby & my very first Mother's Day!!  My friend Cary (who I call lovie) hosted a Kentucky Derby party with shrimp and grits, mint juleps, and wait for it... kentucky derby pie.   She even had arrangements of red roses, which is the flower decor of the derby!  Congrats to Animal Kingdom & also to Whitney for picking him... Did yall know that the winner of the Derby gets 2 million dollars?  Yeah, me neither.  After the party we loaded up my little derby baby and headed to Hattiesburg to see cousin and family!  Here are some pictures of the weekend-
Dude got in on all the Derby fun with his new hat!
Lindsay, Whitney, Me, Cary, Kasey & little McCoy in belly..
Here is my lovie (isn't she the cutest??) and her derby decor..
Dude is such a ladies man. Case in point these next pictures..

Can you tell that Whitney loves dude and dude loves Whitney?? 
Here is our winner.
We were greeted in Hattiesburg with a table full of crawfish.  It is almost embarrassing how much crawfish I can consume at one time.  I'm like a man- the first one to start eating & the last one to finish! 
  Here is Pappy with his "puppies."
June's Mother's Day gift- an oversized picture of the pups.
Needless to say she loved it.

On Mother's Day we loaded up and headed to Carterville Baptist Church in Petal, MS.  We were so nervous about taking dude, who is getting pretty vocal here lately!  Just when you think he is going to show his unpleasant side,  he throws a hail marry and is a perfect angel.  Way to rise to the occasion dude. 
Here is our sweet little family..
Aunt LaLa, Uncle Ash, & Little Ash
Dude Sandwich
And last but certainly not least- my precious mother's day card.
With a handwritten note that says "Hagan is so lucky to have you as a mother just like I'm lucky to have you as a wife."  Little do they know that I'm the lucky one.  I love my sweet boys & I had a wonderful first  Mother's Day.

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