Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oklahoma City Trip & Preview of Photoshoot

OKLAHOMA where the wind comes sweepin down the plain...
That's where we were a few weekends ago.  Rudy had a class in Oklahoma City, so we decided to tag along too..  We even brought Mammy!  It was Dude's very first airplane ride (with double ear infections might I add).  To my suprise, he did awesome!  I nursed him when we took off & when we landed and he did not cry one time.  Here is my sweet little monkey and I at the airport.
 We visited Bricktown & rode the water taxi.. It was pretty neat to hear the history of Oklahoma.
About to board the waterboat!
Oklahoma's state tree is the Redbud Tree.  You can see why. 
 This was right before the stroller almost rolled into the channel.  I'm talking inches away from drowning!  Poor stroller almost rolled in front of a car the other day..  I think it's just doomed.
 Mammy loving on dude. 

 Think it's safe to say that he liked it!
 Poor little man was exhausted from our excursions & smooth passed out on Baby Bear.
Not pictured is dinner with Rudy's boss.  They welcomed us into their home & graciously fed us delicious ribs.  It was so nice to meet him and his family!  Our trip was way too short, but very fun!  I'm so proud of my little world traveler.. 
 Now I will leave you with some oh so precious pictures...  I still have a lot more to edit, but aren't these just the sweetest!  He has the biggest blue eyes and most adorable disposition.. 

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