Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Camera and Tudy is Home!!!

My dearest husband is home, finally!!  It's been a long 2 weeks. 
Before I go into my camera drama, let me say or rather write a few things about yesterday's breastfeeding post.  IN NO WAY did I mean to boast or judge other moms when it comes to breastfeeding.  I know it is a sensitive subject, but I want yall to know that my intentions were good.  I had a very difficult time with it in the beginning and did a lot of things wrong, so the post was meant to help moms-to-be and new moms.  Also, what I didn't mention in the post that I should have is- I had a lot of help.  Rudy, family, and friends helped me get by especially in the first month!  Help is key to successful breastfeeding. 
Whew, moving on..

I use to have a Canon Rebel XS.  I loved her, but she crashed.  In fact, it cost more to fix her than buy a new one.  So, Best Buy informed me that I would get store credit and I could come pick out a new camera.  Pick out a NEW camera?  Pinch me because I'm dreaming..  About 20 minutes later dude (who still had on a onesie he slept in) and an excited me headed to Best Buy. 
Naturally we had to wait on the geek squad, but dude entertained me with his cool tricks. 
He was sick of waiting on mommy to pick out a camera, so he took a little nap..
So which one did I choose?
They don't carry the xs anymore, but I had to stay in the canon family..  Oh the choices!  I finally decided on a Rebel T2i.   Not real sure what made me choose that particular camera, it just felt right.  I bought the body only & bought a better lens on amazon.  She should be in hopefully Saturday!!
As I walked out of BB, I heard Target calling my name...  So I obliged.  I mean it was only 2 doors down, I didn't even have to move my car!  Dude woke up from his cat nap in a great little mood & I got a decaf iced caramel latte and we strolled the aisles.
I found a cute pair of pants for $17.00 which made me really happy because I like inexpensive clothing.  I had to buy dude a little something for being so good, so he got Barney and Matilda dvd's.
When we got home I gave dude a much needed bath in his new duckie big boy tub! 
Then it was time to pick up daddy at the airport! All in all a pretty good day.  P.S. please say a prayer for my dear dude who has to get tubes this friday at 6:30 am.  He has immature eustachian tubes and the fluid won't drain from his middle ear:( 
Happy Wednesday!

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