Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dude is 6 Months!!

Dearest Dude, You are 6 months old tomorrow! How did this happen so fast? Dude, I'm gonna have to ask you to slow down in the growing up department. But with all this growing comes new, fun things that you do.
  • You can sit up all by yourself.
  • You laugh out loud, sometimes hysterically.
  • You would love nothing more than to eat momma's iPhone.
  • You love brother and you know that you're suppose to pet him.
  • Everything you get in your hands goes straight to the mouth.
  • Speaking of the mouth- you cut your first tooth last night (4 am to be exact) Such a big boy you are!
  • You grab my face between your hands, lean in, and give me a big open-mouth kiss.
  • You still don't sleep through the night.
  • Your favorite vegetable is squash.
  • You eat rice cereal and a jar of vegetables around 7:30 every night.
  • You are dearly loved by so many people.
  • You are fighting a very mean sinus infection, but your awful cute with your little runny nose!
  • Nursing is your favorite thing to do. You will stop sucking, give me a big grin, and then finish while looking up at me and touching my face. This is one of momma's favorite things about breastfeeding.
  • Your daddy is amazed by every thing you do & loves you more than you will ever know.
  • You are a wonderful little traveler! You have been to 5 states, flown in an airplane, and have many exciting trips coming up soon.
  • Im predicting that you are going to love roller coasters and rides because you love for us to throw you in the air and juke you around.
  • You think you are so cool now that you can grab your feet by yourself. You even help momma by holding your feet when I change your diaper.
  • Your papaw loves to "knock you out" (aka rock you to sleep) and you love it too! You even look him straight in the eye & cry when you want to be knocked out. Your papaw is so proud of this!
  • Somehow, some way you always start to fuss right before our food is ready. This usually ends up with me holding you and eating with one hand, but that's ok dude.
  • You HATE for me to get your boogers.
  • Your favorite pastimes are: jumping in your jumper, scooting across the garage in your walker, chewing on any and everything you get your hands on, and being held by mammy & pappy.
  • I have put you to bed every single night of your sweet little life.
  • You and daddy love to ride the four-wheeler, but momma doesn't allow yall to go too far.
  • You amaze me every single day.
  • Just when I think I can't love you anymore, I do.
I can honestly say that we have enjoyed every day with you and are proud that God chose us to be your parents. You are the light of our lives and the star of mommy's blog! Happy 6 months Dude!

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