Monday, March 7, 2011


A lot has been going on in the Allen household!! So here are some updates- bulletin style!!
  • Hagan is 5 months old today! He weighs in at a whopping 20 pounds and is seriously the most precious nugget in the entire world! He makes our hearts smile and we love him so much..
  • Little Ash is now almost 7 pounds and is doing great at home! He is such a good baby & soo precious!
  • I just helped host 3 showers 3 weekends in a row, whew..
  • I am LOVING our small group. It is like therapy to my soul.
  • YMCA is kicking my rear, but in a good way!
  • Rudy, June, nugget, and I are going to Oklahoma at the end of March and we're so excited!
  • Rudy has quit dipping!! This is a HUGE accomplishment, considering he has dipped copenhagen for 12 years.. I mean we named our child hagan for gosh sakes!! It has been so hard, but we are so proud of him!
  • We are patiently awaiting Jacob Campbell's arrival! He and Hagan are gonna be best buds..
  • I got to spend an entire weekend with my nephews and sister, which makes me very happy!
  • Hagan loves momma to wear him in our BB slen:)
  • We are trying out cloth diapers and they are sooo cute! We'll see how it goes..

Guess that's all for now. Peace Out

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