Thursday, March 24, 2011

Typical Day With Dude

Times are a changing round here!! Routines, schedules, and activities we did a month ago no longer exist today.. I don't want to forget what my days were like when nugget was 5 months old, so I'm composing a 24 hour typical day.
Let me start off by saying that there is nothing more rewarding than being a mother. And at times, there is nothing harder. However, I am so very lucky to be able to stay at home with Hagan Dude. Rudy makes a HUGE sacrifice so I don't have to and I love him dearly for it!

7:30 AM- I hear dude in his crib stirring around, so I quietly ease into his bedroom to see if he's awake. No need to be quiet because his sweet little head is raised & he smiles up at me. What a way to start the day!
7:30AM- I pick him up and he immediately starts gnawing on my arm. This means he is hungry!
7:45 AM- After I nurse him and change his very pissy diaper, we talk for a little while! Hagan has a lot to say in the mornings and is in such a great mood.
8:30 AM- I take a bath while dude hangs out in his bouncer next to the tub. I talk to him through the entire bath so he won't fuss.. Not really relaxing, but hey it works for us!
9:00 AM- Dude politely lets me know that he is done with the bouncer, so I love on him for a few minutes and put him in his jumper so I can straighten up the house.
9:30 AM- Diaper change and nap. While he naps I become Superwoman. I pay bills, finish picking up the house, check my email and get myself ready for the day!
10:15 AM- I nurse, change, and dress him. We head to Newk's. Sidenote: normally he gets a bath in the mornings, but we simply ran out of time and the lobster crab bisque was calling my name...
11: AM- We meet Grammy for lunch. Dude has a great time!
12:oo PM- We go shopping! JC Penny's had john johns on sale for $7.99. Momma loves a good deal.
1:00 PM- As soon as we get in the car little man passes smooth out.
1:30 PM- Diaper change and Nursing session
2:00 PM- Bath time! Hagan LOVES his baths.
2:30 PM- After I love on my clean little nugget, I read to him.. I decide to read Marvin K. Mooney and the Hungry Caterpillar. He lets me know midway through The Hungry Caterpillar that he is no longer interested in me reading anymore, so onto the jumper we go. He jumps to Baby Einstein, while I clean up the bathroom & do laundry.
3:00 PM- We go for a stroll down Hugh Ward. This does not last very long because no matter what direction we go in, the sun is in Hagan's eyes. Note to self: get dude some sunglasses.
3:30 PM- We load up to get Whitney to go work out!
4:00 PM- I change a dirty diaper, give him some lovin and go work out!
5:30 PM- After I drop Whitney off, we play at Grammy's for a little while and he nurses again.
6:30 PM- We load up and I stop at Bop's. Seriously? Why do I even work out.. Dude gets yet another diaper change. Sidenote: If you're wondering why we change his diaper so much it's because we are battling a mean diaper rash!
7:00 PM- I take another bath because I am stinky from the gym. Two baths a day is how I roll.
7:30 PM- Hagan eats his rice cereal and half a jar of carrots. We just started vegetables yesterday and he seems to like it, well after the initial yuck face he gives...
8:00 PM- I read to him again, get him dressed for bed, wear him in my bb slen while I pick up the house for the 3rd time, and love on him. We also facetime daddy!
9:00 PM- Hagan goes down for the night! This is my quiet time. It is this time that I browse the internet, catch up with Rudy, and do my Bible verses.
2:30 AM- Dude wakes up, nurses for 5 minutes and goes right back to sleep!
5:00 AM- Dude wakes up again to nurse for 5 minutes (aka use me as a pacifier) and goes back to sleep. I'm too sleepy to carry him all the way back to his crib, so I lay him next to me.
7:30 AM- Our day starts all over!
Whew, it was exhausting just typing this post, but it's the stage that we are in right now! Life with an almost 6 month old is intense, but I wouldn't trade it for any job in the world. It is an honor to be a wife and a mother to the men in my life!

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Whitney said...

I'm so honored to be a part of your routine:) Love ya'll!