Friday, March 25, 2011

Rings & Chicken Wings...

Two Things I am Obsessed With Right Now.
1. My Hebrew Ring
2. Chickens
Allow me to explain..
After 2 years of battling with my wedding ring, I finally accepted that I am allergic to white gold. JOY!! So I wear a gold ring for a while and what do you know it irritates my hand almost as bad as my original ring. I'm not talking about a little dry skin underneath my ring.. Nooo, I'm talking about a rash with bumps that itched something awful and spread from ring finger to other fingers! It was gross. So for the past few months I wore no ring, which made me look like I was carrying around dude illegitimately.. So I found a ring online that is a band with the inner ring made of gold and it is gonna work! And if it doesn't, Rudy is gonna kill me:) I love that it is unique and came all the way from Israel.. It has engraved Hebrew scripture that says: I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine. Song Of Solomon 6:3. I am totally obsessed. Here she is-
My nephew Case raises chickens.. When I think of chickens I think of plain white, dirty, stinky chickens, but let me just say that they are the cutest little things I have ever seen. He has these tiny black ones called cochins that have feathers on their feet and it looks like they have on feather stilettos! They even let you pet them, well sort of.. One day, I will be a chicken raiser, but first I have a lot to learn. Here is how our chicken conversation went.
Me: "Case I want girl chickens."
Case: "You mean hens."
Me: "Oh, yeah. Can't you catch diseases from chickens?"
Case: "I guess you could"
Me: "Oh ok."
Me: "I want baby chics. How can I get baby chics?"
Case: " Aunt Jessi, don't you know that the egg has to be fertilized and they have to sit on it for 21 days."
Me: " Nope."
So obviously I have a lot to learn but I am already picking out what chickens I want! And did you know that you can let chickens out of their coop during the day and at night they automatically go back in their coop?? And that hens cuddle up beside the roosters on a roosting pole at night. How neat are chickens! Here are some chickens that I want..

This is a araucana rooster, isn't he beautiful?? The araucana hens lay blue eggs!!

Bearded Silver Laced Polish Hen. She is sassy!
This is a Dominiquer. Case says they are bad egg layers, but I think they are cute!

This is the Sultun. He is stunning, but looks kind of mean to me.
This is the black bantum cochin. This is the stiletto wearer and are soo much cuter in person
This is a silver laced rooster!
Aren't you impressed with the chickens?? I am totally impressed and a little obsessed. Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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