Friday, March 18, 2011


I wrote a book!
A children's book to be exact!
I am SO excited about it (in case you can't tell)

I have been reading a lot to Hagan lately and let me just go on the record to say that so many children's books are just terrible! I mean some of them are just plain weird & have no rhyme or reason. So I thought to myself, "I could write a better story than this crap." Well a few days later Kelley and Mrs. Debbie came down to visit and said that they loved reading my blog and that I could write a good children's book. Seriously? What a wonderful compliment & quite the coincidence. THEN tonight I get an email from People, I have not gotten an email from blurb since 2009, when I wrote Rudy's book. (click here to see his book).
How many signs does one need?
Evidentally three!
So I wrote a book for Hagan Jude entitled Oh How Much We Love You
Mom helped me find words that rhymed- like New, True and Blue
Once I complete the book on blurb, I will share with all of you!!
Ok, seriously enough rhyming already, but be on the lookout to view
HAHAHA I couldn't help myself. Have a great weekend!

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