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My Birth Story

I have debated on whether or not I want to publicly share my personal birth story with the blogging world, but the truth is- I never want to forget it and during pregnancy I loved hearing other birth stories. Warning: It is long, but so was the birthing process.

Disclaimer: This post is going to be open, honest, maybe even graphic, and include words like cervix and such.. I mean it is a birth story people, so don’t read if it offends you!

Just to give you a little background on our birthplan-I was absolutely terrified of 2 things: tearing & a c-section. I heard horror stories of both and frequently discussed my fears with my doctor. I also knew that I wanted an epidural & that I had no problem with being induced. That about sums that up!

Alright, here goes.
At 36 weeks, I went in for a check-up. This is the first appointment where they check your cervix. And to my surprise, I was dilated 1 cm. Really? One cm without really having any contractions?? Awesome! The next day, I was garage saling with my parents, when I felt water running down my leg.. Much to my surprise, I did not freak. I calmly told my mom and dad (awkward) that my water may have broken and to pull into a gas station. So dad yells, “step on it con” and there we go speeding through the subdivision, almost wrecking, and hopping the curve at the gas station… Come to find out, it was just the plug. Now if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant and do not know what the plug is, I strongly recommend you and google become acquainted! So, at the next doctor appointment I was feeling like a rockstar- 1cm dilated AND lost the plug! But to my dismay I was still only 1 cm. That next week I was having serious Braxton-hicks, but none that lasted over a few hours. So I just KNEW in my heart I was to at least a 3! Nope.. I had only dilated 1 dern centimeter over 3 weeks! My doctor gave me the option of having a balloon placed.. A what? Yeah you heard right, a balloon. Basically it is a catheter that instead of being inserted in your urethra, it is inserted in the cervix and applies pressure to stimulate the cervix to dilate. Now, I want to stop here and give a shoutout to the balloon. I truly believe that the balloon saved me. I feel like I would have endured hours of labor, with the end result being a c-section (later you will know why)

So on October 6, 2010 I was admitted into River Oaks at 3:30 PM. I was assigned to a nurse and given an IV. Talk about OUCH! I have been fortunate enough in my life to have never had an IV before, so I was totally caught off guard.. Not only did putting it in hurt, but the medicine pumping through the IV burned for hours! First step is complete, 50 more to go..

Next up, balloon placement. The doctor came in at about 4:30 and placed the balloon. Slight discomfort, but a breeze compared to the IV. The next few hours consisted of visitors & minor contractions.. At 12 pm, my nurse pulled the balloon out. Do you know what this means people?? I was now dilated to 5 cm, the balloon worked like a charm!

On to the next step- enema. I had heard horror stories of mothers pushing and having bowel movements during. Really? No, I wasn’t having that! So I nonchalantly told the nurse “sign me up for an enema.” Can I just tell you that I THOUGHT I knew what an enema was. Boy was I wrong, dead wrong! I thought an enema was a suppository. Two TOTALLY different things people. Again, if you are pregnant or plan to have children and are unsure what an enema is, google it! Ok, enough of that, on to the next step!

My doctor came in around 7:30 am to administer Pitocin and within a few minutes, the contractions started. Now, before my pitocin was even started, I made sure my nurse knew I wanted the epidural asap. So what did that sweet, precious, amazing nurse do? Sign my name to the top of the list. God bless her. Around 8:15, my epidural was given. I’m not gonna lie, I was scared. I knew it would be worth it (and it totally was) but still it’s scary! Fifteen minutes later, I was pain free. Honestly, that dern IV hurt worse than the epidural. But I will say that the anesthesiologist was very patient & wonderful! The catheter was placed and it was on!

Next step- breaking of water! Dr. Moses came in early morning to break my water. I was kind of nervous, but it didn’t hurt a bit. I was kind of surprised at how much it was! It was clear, which gave us the go ahead to a vaginal delivery.

Next up was hours of contractions. Allow me to set the scene. Rudy was nervously rocking in the chair next to me, jimbo was mispronouncing every medical termknown to man, wendy was facebooking my every move, momma and june were anxious & oh so ready for hagan to arrive. Now, even though I had the epi, I could still feel and see my stomach tightening! It was craziness.. Around 1 pm, hagan’s heart rate took a dive… Talk about scary! My nurse then hooked me up to oxygen because hagan was going into fetal distress. My immediate thoughts were- they are about to roll me in, do a section, and get this baby out! But, my nurse calmed me down and kept moving me into different positons. I knew in the back of my mind that if he didn’t come out soon, then I would have to be cut.. FINALLY, I made it to 10… Hallelujah! I felt this big pressure down there and knew immediately it was time to push. I made Rudy get the nurse and just knew he would be out in no time. Boy was I wrong!

Time to push! Now, remember my fears: c-section & tearing. I discussed this with the nurse and she promised me she would try her hardest to help prevent both. So she massaged the area, to help with tearing and Rudy coached me. I remember thinking that he would be out within minutes, but I was devastated when I heard the nurse say, “ We have a bit of work to do.” What? I have now been in this hospital for 24 flipping hours, made it to 10 cm and I still “have work to do.” This was not what I signed up for! But there was no turning back, so I pushed, and pushed, and pushed some more!! I was so exhausted and tired from pushing that I was ready to give up. Grab a fork, cause this little momma was DONE. I was kind of starting to freak at this point & Rudy could tell I was in major trouble and said “Believe. Believe you can do this and give us one good push.” And so I did. He was right there, ready to be delivered! (sidenote: I didn’t know before giving birth that the nurse gets the baby down the birth canal, aka crowning, then the doctor is called in) So here comes the doctor and hagan jude allen is out within 5 minutes and is placed on my chest. Rudy cuts the umbilical cord, we cry, hagan cries, and my nurse cries. The first thing I notice about him is that he has his daddy’s nose and a horrible cone head. I mean it was straight up hideous. Rudy was worried, but I knew (or at least hoped) that it would eventually go away. I remember asking the doctor what the damage was downstairs and was elated to hear that I had a slight tear and only needed 1 small stitch. ONE??? I was prepared to hear a number like 20, especially since it was my first one.. But no, thanks to my rockstar doctor and nurse, only 1 stitch.. I was oh so excited!

Next, I tried to breastfeed Hagan (it didn’t work at this time, but I was too exhausted to let it upset me at this point) and family was allowed in to see him. What a special, precious time!

That concludes my birth story. Now, I want to discuss/point out a few things. I was in labor for a total of 7 hours (not including everything leading up to the start of pitocin). Around hour 6 Hagan started to go into distress. If I hadn’t been to 9cm, they would have probably had to do a cesarean & I wouldn’t have been progressed to 9 without the balloon! So I am pro balloon. Also, because my fabulous doctor and amazing nurse actually took the time, I had minimal damage and a wonderful recovery.. I also think it’s important to discuss epidural vs. no epidural. I think it is wonderful that people want to go naturally, but it was not for me! If I would have endured 7 hours of painful contractions, there was no way I would have had the energy to push for 35 minutes & get him out. Also, I was so so pleased with the staff at River Oaks. It was long and very tough at points, but I would do it 100 more times if I had to. Hagan is such a blessing and I’m proud to be his momma. And I’m proud to have made it through that little thing called birth…
I hope this post wasn’t “too much.” I often wondered how other births went down and that’s when I made up my mind that I was going to share mine with those who wanted to know! I didn’t want to sugarcoat anything, but I also didn’t want to make it out to be horrific. Because no matter what type of birth you have- it is a beautiful, amazing thing!

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