Thursday, February 10, 2011

Like it or Not

I have decided to do something unusual.. Here in a few days, I'm going to blog about my birth story... I have debated on whether or not to share all the details of giving birth, but here are some reasons why I decided to. 1. When I was pregnant, well even before then really, I loved to hear birth stories- I wanted to know all the details 2. I "thought" I knew everything about it, but was caught off guard during delivery quite a few times 3. I thought it may be too gross, but honestly nothing is gross about giving birth to a miracle. 4. One day I'm going to compile all my blog entries into a book & I want my birth story included..
So on that note be on the look out for the birth story. Like it or not, it is long, detailed, and very real!
Happy Almost Weekend!!

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