Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beauty Tip Tuesday

Beauty Tip #6
Red lipstick.
During the winter months, it is time to occasionally break out the red lipstick. However, when you wear red lipstick, it is vital that you first apply a lip liner. The girl at MAC said so! When I tried to buy red lipstick, she made me buy a lip liner to match. She also said (which i thought was a great beauty tip) "Anyone can pull off red lipstick, you just have to have the confidence to do so." I thought about telling her I did not have the confidence to pull off the make-up she was sporting, but decided to keep my mouth shut! So what did we learn? 1. I've said the word red lipstick a lot in this post 2. Use a lip liner 3. Don't wear your makeup like the crazy MAC way 4. Have confidence!

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