Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beauty Tip Tuesday

Rudy is coming home today= one happy momma and nugget! Anyway today's beauty tip is brought to you via my friend Crystal, who has the most gorgeous eyelashes in Mississippi. I have asked her numerous times how she does it and though I try, I just can't seem to master it..

Beauty Tip #5
She said that you HAVE to take your time (this is where I mess up) First things first, curl with an eyelash curler to make eyes appear bigger. Next, try to coat each lash one by one, I know it sounds crazy but that's what she says do! Next before you add another coat, make sure the first one dries completely to prevent clumping. I can honestly say, I don't do any of this, but I'm gonna try it soon. However, I have found a mascara that I am loving these days- maybelline in the magenta tube, forgot the name if it. Have a great week!

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