Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My feelings lately

Lately I have been struggling with a few things that I normally wouldn't let get me down.. For example, we are fighting our insurance company right now over our maternity bills and I am just letting it overtake me- when I need to be thankful that I had a normal, actually great delivery with a perfect, healthy child.. But honestly, it is exhausting. I just need to realize that if it takes us 10 years to pay what insurance was suppose to pay, then so be it. Another thing that I normally could care less about is baby names. People using our baby names that we have had picked out for years! In no way can we patent a name, but I still feel like our names hagan and Harper have been "stolen". Again, I know this all seems petty, but it is how I have been feeling lately. Once I started praying about these petty burdens, I realized it was the devil making me focus on the small problems and letting them get to me. So I'm saying today, no more. I'm not letting the small stuff get to me or shift my focus from God to insurance, or something stupid like baby names. I'm letting the enemy get me down and upset me over nothing. I know this isn't my usual happy go lucky post, but if I'm being real, it is how I have been feeling. For the next few days I am going to be in prayer that I will no longer sweat the small stuff! And I'm not letting the enemy steal my happiness and all my blessings in life!

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