Sunday, January 30, 2011

DIY Bookcase & Toy Box

I LOVE DIY (do it yourself) projects! So, the nugget, my parents, and I went flea market shopping friday in the GORGEOUS weather & found some treasures!! I had been searching far & wide for a book shelf and a toy box for chunkey monkey's room..

First, let's address the bookcase.. The requirements for the book shelf were: 1. small enough to fit in nugget's room 2. real wood, not that shiny crap 3. original. And guess what?? I found it! I paid a whopping $20 dollars for an ugly brown thing & turned it into a cute, one-of-a-kind bookcase!! We painted it the color of his bed and added letters & animals (courtesy of hobby lobby) It's just Hagan's size:) LOVE

Ok, on to the toy box! My requirements for the toy box were: 1. SAFE (no smashed little nugget fingers) 2. Original 3. Cute enough to go in the living room and/or bedroom. I have to give props to my mom for this one- she found the clothes hamper for $35 at Ross's. We painted a H and viola- we have a safe, functional toy box.. Just look how cute nugget is in his new toy box!

Hope you liked how our projects turned out, the nugget sure does... The following picture has nothing to do with diy projects, but everything to do with being the cutest baby ever:)

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