Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beauty Tip Tuesday

Who doesn't love a good beauty secret??? Mayonnaise for silky hair, vitamin e for dry skin, bio oil for stretch marks, the list goes on and on!!
As I was browsing for apps the other day, I found an application that gave you 100 beauty tips. After reading, I said to myself "I know better tips then this .99 cent app!" So, I have decided to share a beauty secret/tip every Tuesday with all of you! (all 5 of you) I am no beauty guru, but I have stumbled across some dern good beauty tips in my day and I am going to try my very hardest to do this every Tuesday.. So tune in!

Beauty Tip #1
Baby Nail Clippers
I don't know about you, but EVERY time I trim my fingernails, they go flying across the room! It is so annoying.. However, one day I was trimming the nugget's fingernails & I needed a trim as well, so I used his.. Can I just say that it was wonderful! The shape of the small trimmer allowed me to round my nails and they didn't go shooting across the room.. They left a smooth edge, so no more filing. And to my suprise those little boogers are sharp, so they cut very good! I. was. amazed.
So if you have flying nail syndrome, get you some baby nail clippers!!

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