Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Fever!!

Bloggers beware, baby fever is going around!! It seems like every week someone new is expecting.. So, don't say I didn't warn you.. But Oh How Exciting! So, since some of them read this little blog, I want to share 24 things that you learn/change after you bring home that little bundle of joy! Or at least they did for me..

1. When you finally meet whose been kicking you for 9 months, your love becomes immeasureable, a superhuman power

2. You love & respect your parents more..

3. If you didn't believe in love at first sight, you now do..

4. You think of someone else 125,305,294 times a day

5. You finally realize the real reason you have those breasts

6. You wonder how people with multiple kids function properly

7. You get overly excited over pee & poo!

8. You realize how amazing it is that you can function on such little sleep

9. You learn to ask for help when you need it

10. You love & appreciate your husband more

11. You could stare at the love of your life for hours, especially when they are sleeping!

12. You learn that one little smile can take all your worries away

13. You trade in Victoria's Secret for Wal-mart nursing bras

14. You learn to just accept that after giving birth, your body will never be the same, but it doesn't bother you as much as you think it would!

15. No matter how stressful labor was, you would do it a billion more times if you had to

16. You realize why God designed it for a husband & wife to have children, it takes 2 people!

17. You love life more and you look forward to seeing the tiny person you love so much grow!

18. You have the pediatrician's number on speed dial.. We LOVE Dr. Flowers!!

19. Your dog, who was once your child, just becomes a dog.. sorry scooter!

20. You wonder why God entrusted you to take care of this perfect little person & you are forever thankful to him for your gift!

21. You strive to be a better person

22. You learn that you have to go with the flow or you will be totally stressed out!

23. Your holidays are so much funner & you take 5 million pictures..

24. You want to keep your baby in your arms to protect them forever, but you also realize that one day you will have to let them go..

- Thank you Lord for our wonderful, healthy boy! Children are your greatest blessing and Hagan has definately blessed our lives! I wish all the expecting mothers a great pregnancy, good birth, and a healthy nugget..

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