Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who's Excited??

Who's excited for Christmas???
The nugget & I.. We are going to sing Christmas tunes and dance around the house & decorate!! I am overly excited about Christmas this year because it is Hagan's first one, it's my birthday, & we are going to Gatlinburg!!! I think I have a Christmas obession! I have already designed our Christmas cards (it took me hours).. And we are going to have 4 Christmas trees in our house (I know i'm crazy).. And I'm thinking about throwing a Christmas party (even crazier) I will post pics soon of the Christmas decor.
Peace Out,
Poor little chunky monkey doesn't know what he's in for, momma is only gonna take a bazillion pictures this Christmas season!

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ddebbiegirl said...

That picture is precious!! You have every right to be overjoyed. Your excitement makes me more excited. Give Hagan a kiss from Aunt Debbie. Love you.