Monday, October 4, 2010

On My Mind

Here's what's on my mind Monday, October 4.

1. I can't believe Rudy and I will be parents this week, wow!
2. I am so incredibly thankful for Hagan & our ability to have a child
3. My heart breaks for those who can't, but I believe God has bigger plans for them
4. My house is extremely clean, like open windows & spotless baseboards clean!
5. I wonder what Hagan will look like, I hope he looks just like his daddy.
6. I'm sad Rudy only gets to spend 12 days with Hagan before work, but so thankful he has a job
7. I love Rudy more and more each day & will forever be thankful for him.
8. I'm getting closer with my sister and this makes me very happy!
9. I absolutely adore my friends and I'm so happy that 6 of my closest friends live within a 3 mile radius:)
10. I love Pinelake and I can't wait to become more involved with church activities
11. I can't wait for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (which will be in Gatlinburg)
12. I love God, I mean really love God & I'm so so thankful for all he has done for me!
13. I'm loving this weather!!!!!

Guess that's all for now! Some of these are really random, but it's what came to my mind... Stay tuned for Hagan updates, we are inducing Wednesday night, so hopefully he will be here by Thursday!!! If anyone wants to bring fair food/taffy to my house or hospital, by all means no one will stop you... Love, Jessi


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