Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hospital, We Come Prepared!!

We are finally ready for the hospital!! We only have around 2 more weeks before we meet Hagan Jude Allen.. If you think what I took pictures of is overkill, you should see what's in the bags:)

Mom's Packed Bag: Check

Hagan's Bag: Check

Boppy: Check

Mom & Hagan's Attire: Double Check

(Dad is slacking with his bag)

My push present that I am OBSESSED with!! I absolutely LOVE it:) : Check

Hagan's Burp Cloth Aunt Sarah & Crystal got him: Check

Overkill: Maybe

Picture outfit from Aunt Sarah: Check

Going home outfit: Check

Spare outfit: Check

Hats & Booties: Double check

Do we have our stuff together or what?? Now we just need the little fellow to hurry up!! I will be full term tomorrow (37 weeks) and I praise the Lord for this little miracle..

I have to give a special thanks to Sarah, who has helped me wash every stitch of clothing, install the car seat, pack my bags, & put together all the baby gadgets!! We are so thankful for all your help & we love you!!

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