Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Hagan

Dear Hagan,

Since we don't have too much longer until we meet, I wanted to let you know what mommy already knows about you! I can't wait to see you & I love you and your precious little ways already..

1. You are a night baby
2. Your favorite place to kick is right up under mom's right rib, thanks...
3. You demand breakfast
4. You are 36 weeks old right now
5. When anything touches mom's stomach, you kick it- whether it be a hand or seatbelt
6. You HATE tight clothing, you literally kick until mom changes!
7. Dad likes to put his cheek up to you and feel you kick!
8. I tell you good morning every single day, but don't worry your asleep
9. You like Pinelake's band
10. We love you more than you will EVER know..

I love blogging because I never want to forget all of this... So awesome that I can look back at this when he is a year old & see how much he has changed!

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