Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From New to Old

When I decided to sell my new breakfast table & refinish my old picnic table, Rudy thought I had lost my mind. And midway through the project, so did I!

Here is a little picnic table history for you all- This picnic table was purchased about 4 years ago for $100 dollars to go in our apartment in Starkville. The picnic table was then transported to Granny Mo's for holding! I couldn't bare the thought of leaving the picnic table with so many memories, so I made Rudy load it up and bring it home! The poor table has been sitting on our back porch and basically ruining until I salvaged it.. I know it's weird to be so attached to a piece of furniture, but I have always loved this picnic table and have been determined to bring it inside!

So, after a lot of hard work- the table turned out great!! Add curtains, pier 1 chargers, bird pictures and the room is complete! My favorite thing is the scroll detail on the table and I love my birds (whit i think you're rubbing off on me) It is so shabby chic and just my style! In this project going from new to old worked!!
P.S. Rudy is happy with the final project!



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