Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mullets, Dreadlocks, & Curls OH MY

What am I talking about- American Idol of course!! Is it me or does Idol rock this season!!! I love so many of the contestants, but I have chosen my top 5, drum roll please.....
And here they are in no particular order:
No one has a better tone in their voice than Alex Lambert, besides who doesn't love a good mullet. Ya'll know i do
I don't know why but I just love DiDi Benami. Her voice amazes me and I yell (literally out loud) for her everytime she sings, I am on team DIDI!

This list just wouldn't be complete without- Crystal Bowersox. Love her, her story, and her honest singing. This girl's got skills- I just wish she would get the space in her teeth fixed..

Big Mike. He never ceases to amaze me week to week! You go Big Daddy!

Not only is the cougar a fan, but i am too! A big fan of Casey James, when his tone is just right it will just make me melt!

Some honorary mentions are Siobhan Magnus ( i just can't get enough of her weirdness) and Lee Dewyze!!
Tune in America, it is not too late!! I have become so attached to all these people and it makes me sad to see them leave.. We'll see how far my top 5 go.
- Jessi

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