Friday, February 5, 2010

BIG News!!

Rudy and I are expecting!!! Blood tests (thanks landy) confirmed today... We are at 4 weeks and way too excited.. I know all of you reading are DYING to know how it went down so here goes- I came home for lunch yesterday to pass the time b/c i decided that it was going to be my fasting day.. I got a feeling that if we were pregnant God would show us on this specific day, so we tested and it said Pregnant.. Now, even though you have been trying it is surreal to actually see those words and believe that it's true!! So after I read it I said a silent prayer thanking God and told Rudy.. What did he do?? He fell to his knees with excitement!! (literally) We called immediate family and told them what was up and of course they were excited as well. Then we went to dinner that night with my college roomates and my sweet little husband carried around the pregnancy test in his pocket and showed them.. There was no stopping him, trust me I tried. I said honey the dinner table is not a good place to show a stick that i peed on?? Call it inappropriate or whatever, but all in all it was sweet- and our friends thought it was awesome. Guess that's why they are our friends!! Anyway, we went to do blood tests to confirm today, so it is on! We are praying for a healthy, happy, and whole baby! Since Rudy has spilled the beans to oh just about everyone he knows, I see no reason to hide this awesome news!
Love to you all-
Jessi and Rudy


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

congrats, congrats!!!!! so happy for you!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I am so happy for your family!!! Banana days will still be in existence, but ooooh Jessi they will be so awesome with a little bebe to smoosh on! Stay healthy~

The Allen Family said...

Suzanne- Thank you!!! Be thinking of a good cake for me:)
Elizabeth- Thank you as well!!! It will be a tight fit, but i'm sure we will manage to banana.. haha