Friday, January 29, 2010

Super Bowl 44

I am "SUPER" excited about the big game on February 7, 2010!! First, I must say that in my opinion the two teams that deserved to go are going, which excites me!!! I get so upset when wildcards and teams that just don't deserve to go to the Super Bowl go! I love NFL football, which is a good thing due to the fact that my husband watches EVERY game that comes on! Seriously we pay $75 dollars a month for NFL ticket... So who am I rooting for?? This is a tough one but I have to go with my Saints.. However, that does not dispute the fact that from age 8-12 I wanted to marry Peyton Manning (when he was a volunteer).. But it is time the Saints go all the way!!! I really cried a little when they got the field goal against the Vikes.. Oh, how i hope they win! And I'm also excited that Rudy and I get to watch it together.. Crystal's house here we come!
Fun fact: tickets for Super Bowl range from 1,500 to 23,000
- Jessi

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