Sunday, January 31, 2010


One of the new things that I'm going to TRY and do is pick one day out of the week and describe that day! So next year when I look back at my blog I will see what was important in my life during a particular time, how far I've come, my thoughts, etc.. So here is my last Sunday in January 2010!! My morning started at 9:30 at Pinelake. When we pull into the parking lot, I just feel like "aaahhh" this is where I'm supposed to be! We are so blessed to have this amazing church close by!! Tomorrow we are starting the P28x Challenge.. Where you pray for something specific for 5 minutes x day, attend Wednesday night service, and the toughest for me- Fast 24 hrs once a week.. (will let yall know how this goes) Ok, so after church my mom, dad, the husband and I went to Cock of the Walk.. Their pot-o-greens cannot be beat! After church Rudy and I always "banana" on the couch.. Ok, I know how this sounds, but it's where I lay on one side of the couch and read while Rudy sets opposite of me on the same couch and watches football games all day... Literally, we do this all day! For some reason this is so special to me!! But as most of you know football is over, so what did we do?? Well, Rudy headed to deer camp and I went to momma's!! We watched old episodes of Little Miss Perfect (this show is hysterical/addictive), while Rudy rode his 4-wheeler and did men stuff.. Rudy is such a man's man and though I have to admit sometimes I wish he were more in tune with girlie things and didn't talk about deer camp SO much, I love that I married a man's man... So even though we had no banana-ing going on, Sunday was Fun day!! A little different is always good..
- Jessi & Rudy

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