Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Van Lear Rose

Here lately I have been obsessing over Loretta Lynn. Weird and quite random I know , but it all started with the Van Lear Rose soundtrack featuring the White Stripes. This cd is just plain awesome.. I have this weird habit of finding someone interesting (especially famous people) and researching it to death! Well my new habit is Loretta Lynn. She fascinates me! Did you know that she was married at 13 and had 4 children by the age of 17??? She had 7 siblings and grew up poor in a small Kentucky town.. She had 10 number one hits and even had a biography and movie (coal miner's daughter) portraying her life. Loretta Lynn was one of the first female superstars in country music with her strong, clear, hard-country voice and tough, no-nonsense songs about husbands who cheat and abuse, and about wives who weren't about to be pushed around!!! Her husband of well forever I guess would "push her around a bit" and inspired some of her work. Anyway, I just wanted to share this little tidbit of information that I discovered and I HIGHLY recommend the Van Lear Rose cd featuring the White Stripes- it is unlike anything you have ever heard!!! Loretta is my Van Lear Rose and I will be buying and reading the Coal Miner's Daughter very soon!!

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